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8 things with sub-topics.

personal information.

1. i am still alive. though mostly cybernetic.

2. i now live in new jersey again. it hasn't changed too much since i last lived here. people still give dirty looks and high fives with equal abandon.

3. my new house is incredibly nice. slightly due to the fact that it's on a quiet, dead end street surrounded by woods, it's a 20 minute bus ride to the city, there are elves that teach amazing elven dance moves, and my good friends are nearby. but mostly due to the fact that no one's threatened to kill me yet in my neighborhood and the crazy quotient in the house is down about 2 million percent from my last place.



selfish recommendations.

4. if you love america and/or comic books and/or stanleylieber you should go here, and order a copy of his excellent cowboy actor comic.

5. if you love me and/or photography and/or naoki matsuyama, arnaud meuleman and/or gilles weinzapflen you should fly and/or swim and/or walk out your front door to tokyo, japan and check out the photo exhibition akabe put up in his new gallery. or if you only sort of like any of those people/things/me you can just read about it here or here.

6. if you like writing and/or reading you can go to safesimplelife's new community blog and do one or both.





7. i am still getting used to being back on the internet all the time. i am also still getting used to not living in the world of dune and worshiping the worms of god after reading the sequels for the past week. both have stopped me from replying to all of my email in a timely fashion. sorry.

8. i am posting the next part of my caveman comic, prehistory below. if you want to catch up with it, or don't know what i'm talking about you can read the entire thing so far (including the new part) here. there's an explanation for why it was so long in between installments, but mostly it has to do with self esteem and childhood scars and my father not loving me. it's slightly complicated, but as always, sorry for not being good enough dad.

Tags: cavemen, comics, flickr, lists, prehistory

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