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GIF week: pete in remembrance: i've been blogging about myself like i'm dead recently.

i currently live on the border of teaneck and ridgefield park, new jersey (now referred to as 'peternia' by at least 1 of the locals). as i recently mentioned elsewhere, teaneck is a sort of tiny, city-esque suburban town while ridgefield park is essentially a weird, suburban village. it reminds me of a desolate, winter shore town with the new jersey turnpike replacing the ocean and the entire year replacing the winter. there's closed factories, and tiny shops with random hours and motorcycles and a store that sells and i believe is run by parrots and apartment buildings that have been transported intact from 1973. the median age is probably 70 and the preferred mode of transportation is one of those walkers with two wheels on the front. i walk around and old men give me dirty looks for wearing tight pants while old women give me dunkin donuts coupons for probably the same reason. obviously, i kind of love it.

the 'village grocery store' that's about a mile from my place in the center of town kind of encapsulates the entire vibe of the surrounding area. the lights are sort of dim, the food is randomly placed around the store, all the customers look like they are on break from filming a driving ms. daisy sequel. there's a slightly creepy, 1950s, middle america thing going on that seems out of place in northern new jersey. it's exactly like how i imagine a david lynch theme park would be. and to make it even more blue velvet the speakers in the store only play novelty hits from the 50s and 60s.

it's weird. my first few times there i had assumed that it was a random satellite radio station. then i changed my thesis to a mix tape. now that i've been there about 100 times without hearing a repeated track and noticing how well one song plays into the next; i can only guess that there is a rockabilly, vampire dj sequestered behind the frozen food section all day with an endless record supply.

and his vampire voodoo might be working on me because after a year and a half, i'm almost starting to enjoy it.

back when i was trying to find a 'sound' for my music (besides sometimes irritating and poorly recorded), i made a playlist. this was a few years ago so i don't remember exactly what was on it but in between the 20 kris kristofferson songs and bootylicious i had the walker brothers' the sun ain't gonna shine anymore.

yesterday when i heard it in david lynch's grocery store i thought 'fuck, i've been trying to rip this off for the past 300 go down, matthew songs and i haven't even succeeded yet.'

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