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Gif week: apparently thursday happened.


-i totally skipped thursday both on the internet and on everything else.

-the humidity of the past couple of weeks is finally starting to have an effect on my brain and make me kind of cranky. though only for 5 seconds at a time. i say things like 'i ha-oh no, no i don't.' i think momus recently had a post saying something like humidity was the reason people shot at each other during the vietnam war. i understand.

-there's a teenage kid (or kids) that live on my block. they hang out with other teenage kids. a lot of this 'hanging out' involves driving around my neighborhood yelling things at pedestrians from the car window. i am a pedestrian. our conversations usually consist of them yelling 'fuck you' or 'faggot' or 'nice tattoos' or just 'arghhh' when they are suffering from writer's block, followed by me squinting at them. i'd raise my cane and shake it in offense but i realize this is how teenagers roll and i was probably doing this myself not that long ago (since i became wolverine i'm having trouble remembering my past)
, and besides i kind of agree with their sentiments. yesterday, on my way to put something in the mailbox, as old people do, the kids yelled 'michael jackson is dead!'
i can only think of two reasons for this:
1. they were attempting to yell an insult and haunted with grief could only call out what was really on their minds.
2. the death of mj has led to a full maturation of the children of this generation and due to the 24 hour news cycle they were raised on, from now on teenagers will only be loudly reporting the news.

-i'm voting for dzima as the new king of pop btw.

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