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Pink Tombs of Youth.

Biggz did a small print run of my comic Pink Tombs. If you would like one it's $8 (postage paid) for 20 full color pages.
EDIT: Now for sale through the comixpress site. Here

I'm so tired right now that I can actually see pieces of the English language dropping out of my head, but in an attempt to put the long-neglected, customer service training of my past to use, I will attempt to answer any possible questions that could arise from this transaction.

pink tombs proof copy.


- What the fuck are you talking about?
Pink Tombs was a comic I did a few months ago for the Arthur Blog. If you want to read a 20 page preview of the 20 page comic you can there:
part 1 part 2 part 3

- I read it online, why would I want to buy a print version?
While I agree that print is a dying industry, I've tried to include some incentives that weren't possible in the internet version: 1) There are a random number of variant covers. While some companies try to entice you with foil or hologram wrap around covers, my comic is the first to feature the 'Thumbprint Variant'. Every few covers will probably have my soapy thumb print somewhere on it as I obsessively wash my hands 10 times an hour. I am always worried they're sticky and/or covered in germs. I have yet to figure out if this stickiness is physical or mental, but I hear germs are real.

2) Besides the variant, there are actual covers on the print copy. There were no covers online.

3) If you have never bought a comic before, or haven't bought one recently you are missing out on belonging to an exclusive club called 'comic fandom' Have you ever wanted to tell people your opinions on things even if they didn't ask you or aren't even talking about the same topic? Have you ever wanted to laugh at someone's lack of knowledge about Gambit? Have you ever wanted to accuse a guy that just like, draws fucking Spider-Man, of metaphorical rape? Have you ever wanted to complain about how things were better when you were younger, and kids today don't know what they're doing, like you're a 60 year old man, even though you're in your 20s or 30s? Comic fandom is for you. But you can't just read webcomics. Try mentioning that in a comic book store. You will be laughed away. Unless you're a woman, then there might be leering and confused mumbling. Unless it's one of those cool, indie stores, then they'll be like 'yes webcomics', stroke their beards and make sweet love to you (man or woman) and then write nice things about you on their blog.

- I hate you, Pete. Why would I buy your comic?
There's at least a 90% chance I'll die of heat stroke riding my bike to the post office to mail these things. There are also supposedly gangs in my neighborhood. Your order could kill me. And orders don't do jail time.

- I read it and I don't get it?
Neither did my Mom. Though she didn't get it in a very disappointed way. I explained a little about what I was trying to do with the thing here.

- I don't like reading, but I do like clothes and have like $20 burning a hole in my pocket. Help me?
I have a Pink Tombs shirt on my cafepress page here

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