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I kind of wish I wasn't awake right now, but besides that and a few other things shit is magic.


I did this drawing for The Portland Mercury a few weeks ago. I don't think I posted it here, but I posted it everywhere else so it is probably old internet news by now. This is the danger you run into when you post on 400 different blogs. I try not to cross post or overlap content too much, but considering the way that I pick which blog I'm going to post on is by using a complicated process involving the I Ching and 30 sided die, and my main blogging topic is 'I made this' (though I like to personally refer to the theme as 'Pete: The Glitter Dream Slowly Concludes'), I might repeat myself every once in a while.


My main reason for not going to sleep 10 minutes ago and posting here was that I wanted to thank everyone that bought a copy of Pink Tombs. Choose Your Own Adventure style gratitude below:

You bought a copy: Thanks, you are awesome. Seriously. I always feel weird asking people for money for stuff I've made (in certain situations) as I am not 'business minded'. I might actually be whatever the opposite of that is. Though I'm not sure if that's 'homeless minded' or 'just human'.

You didn't buy a copy yet, but you might: I have like 3 copies left. If you live in Portland, however, there are a bunch for sale at Floating World Comics. Jason from Floating World, who is an all around rad guy, was the editor of the Pink Tombs, and is rumored to have recently put together a telekinetic, all dog, hip hop group and philosophy club, said a couple of nice things bordering on untrue about it in his column/blog/futurenewspaper thing here. It will most likely be available in a couple of other stores as well. Followed by probably being available in numerous trashcans. I'll let you know.

You didn't/aren't buying a copy: It's cool. We're still friends. Though there might come a time when we're together at some sort of high society, livejournal, dinner party. And we'll notice each other from across the room and over our champagne glasses. And we'll nod, but it will be a little awkward. Possibly because seeing people from the internet is sometimes weird in real life, but also possibly because I've buried some resentment towards you in my subconscious mind or maybe only because you think that could be the case. And perhaps we'll then be seated by our host near each other and the uncomfortable silence while we eat will be deafening. And years later in an old age home, all the two of us will be able to remember of that night isn't the beautiful people or delicious food, or our young, virile bodies, it will just be the creeping feeling of vague awkwardness. I can totally live with that though.

Also I only briefly mentioned that Dean is the dude that put together everything and dealt with the printers and most importantly paid to have it printed. I'm mentioning it again mostly to thank him, but also because, after hours of thinking about it, I'm still unsure of the exact reasons behind his doing this. I lay awake at night waiting for the other shoe to drop. I live unsure of when I will be called upon to repay this debt and exactly what I'll have to do. I live in fear.


I just fell asleep while I was writing that. But quickly here's a new 16 page comic I did for FAKE, which is an anthology stanleylieber is putting together. I'll talk more about it on one of my 4,000 blogs, when I'm not sleeping.
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