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(I'm posting this around, so sorry if you've read it before. I'd be slightly more sorry if you just couldn't stop yourself from reading it though. What I'm saying is I'm especially sorry to people with OCD and those guys that leave comments on blog posts that say that this isn't what they want to read, and if you're going to write about movies on a comics blog, they'll still read it but they will be so so angry, at least until they calm themselves down by organizing the pencils on their desk by date purchased and possible religious affiliation again.)

Happy new year (Like with most things I do, I celebrate holidays about 2 weeks after they end in order to gauge public reaction, and cater my enthusiasm accordingly. Also, Xmas stuff is so much cheaper in the middle of January).

2010: One Tear At a Time

Sometimes I go outside. Even more infrequently, I'm outdoors and I run into someone I know. They ask me what I've been up to, and I pull a switchblade out of my leather fanny pack, snap my fingers and say 'Don't you read my blogs?' They say no, the switchblade turns out to be one of those switchblade combs, and I comb my hair while jogging back home in reverse attempting to erase the last few minutes of my life. It's embarrassing and never works, so I'm going to attempt to avoid it in the future.

Places I am on the Internet:


My website. It gets updated sort of infrequently as I have a really old version of Dreamweaver on my computer, and apparently in earlier versions of the program, a lot of the keyboard shortcuts only worked if you pressed SHIFT and screamed 'cocksucker' while crying for an hour. It does have most of my music, and my comics PINK TOMBS and SLASHR on it.


My blog. Mostly using it to post finished illustrations right now. I used to update it a lot more, but I've been distracted by tumblr and the non-non-stop cocaine and dog grooming party that is my life recently. Really I'm just mostly drawing comics now, and if I was to write posts about my process every day, it would be 'Been inking Page 8 for about 12 hours, thinking about eating a sandwich, why are we really here and what's it all about, maybe I'll watch ROBOCOP again, I wish I was really friends with ROBOCOP, then he could kill my Dad and it would be legal, but maybe I'd be sad, WHO KNOWS' forever.


I put most of my drawings and photos here. If nothing else, flickr will always be the only website I pay for, and one of the few websites that break 90% of the time I'm on it.


I originally started using this just to post about stuff that I liked every once in a while. I'm now using it as my main blog. Let's say I was Harvey Keitel in TAXI DRIVER, my Tumblr would be Jodie Foster. And it would be less awkward when Aleks caught me saying 'Who's my sweet baby' to my laptop.


Every day.


Still using this though mostly to read the daily posts on my friends page about how no one uses livejournal anymore. Planning on quitting on my 50th birthday.


I mainly started using facebook so I could see the pics my dog would take of me while I was sleeping and untag the ones where she put makeup and wigs on me. Then I started using it to keep abreast of what people I went to high school with think about reality tv shows, and what aging is like for people living the unexamined life. Then I started using it when I felt I was overly happy, to try to even out and depress my mood. Last week I used it to write stream of conscious status updates immediately after waking up. All I'm saying is I should probably take a social networking class.


Just started using this but I might already be tired of it as I'm now mostly getting questions that are either vague insults or reference the way I answer formspring questions. Both of which are fine, but I'm pretty sure answering questions with 'fuck you' or too many meta references is what got Oscar Wilde thrown in jail.

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