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Chinese President's Day.


Last week, Jason Leivian very kindly posted a 9 page preview of my new comic PAWS on the ARTHUR BLOG.

That's the main thing I'm working on right now. Besides shaking one fist at the new Super Mario Bros game and the other at my window. It's a fist shake intended for the now ever-falling snow, but it's being misinterpreted by a lot of birds in my neighborhood who are waiting outside my door to either shank me, or question my misdirected anger issues. Oh, birds and your tiny brains. Learn human culture or get out of my country.

In other news I've been really into yogurt the past few weeks. It's really good. You know the kind with fruit on the bottom? Delightful.

In more other news you should listen to this podcast:


Too Many Mikes
It's hilarious and the first episode teaches you a lot about British culture, Native American culture, San Franciscan (San French?) culture and the true meaning of Xmas.


I was going to link to a few other things, but an apathy sprite jumped out from under my desk and threw its magic glitter in my face. I normally swat those things away 'Spiderwick-style' but I though it was Lady Gaga come to serenade me to sleep with her sweet, middle of the road pop tunes again.

I can't wait for the winter to be over so that my sense of humor comes back. From Iraq.

In the meantime: here's me doing a poor cover of an old Kristofferson song.

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