December 23rd, 2009

guy and wookie.



Whichever one you're into, enjoy it.

Besides my Mom briefly straying from God's path in the mid-80's, being seduced, like many religious people, by Lee Major's stuntwork, and renouncing our faith and joining a FALL GUY cult, my family has always worshiped the elders from the SHAZAM TV show. While I went through that normal teenage period of discovering eastern religion (KUNG FU: THE LEGEND CONTNUES, MAGNUM PI), and questioning the logic of the faith of the people around me (how can a TV show get canceled for my sins? Will the second coming, a Hollywood remake, ever really happen?), I had an intense experience that brought me back to Shazamity. I was painting a huge mural of The Commodores on my living room wall, indulging in my old, bad habits of being naked and squinting, and loving Lionel Richie's hair, and as I finished my artwork, I took a step back and realized I had accidentally painted the elders. I fell to my knees, all doubt being lifted from my soul. The sound of the smooth jazz I used to listen to when I strayed, became a choir of angels. I felt the doubt being torn from my mind by the invisible hand of Jackson Bostwick. 'They don't move their mouths because they don't have to, not because of budgetary constrictions ', I thought. And since then my life has been fulfilling in that way that only telling the same story over and over again, and acting righteous about everything can make it.